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Internet marketing, Sweepstakes Promotion, and Advertising methodologies need the best practices and technology to get clients established in your consumer market. Please phone us to discuss your project requirements.
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Galaxy Advertising & Promotions has an experienced team of marketing, software, hardware, and field engineers with thousands of hours logged designing, strategizing, producing, and installing state-of-the-art promotional ventures. Whether online or on-site, our team has you covered!
On-Site Promotional Technology
Hardware Design & Engineering
Experienced Installation Team

Phone: (918) 745-2066 x116
Fax: (918) 745-2076
E-mail: HRO@galaxygaminginc.com
Market Analysis
Promotional Designs
Advertising Campaigns

Phone: (918) 745-2066 x116
Fax: (918) 745-2076
E-mail: Sales@galaxygaminginc.com
Secure Local Servers
Encrypted Master Linked Servers
Custom Engineering

Phone: (918) 745-2066 x116
Fax: (918) 745-2076
E-mail: IT@galaxygaminginc.com
C++ Inovation
Custom Technology
Database Technology

Phone: (918) 745-2066 x116
Fax: (918) 745-2076
E-mail: TRO@galaxygaminginc.com
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